Integrated Border Check Post

A border check post is a location between two places or states, where travelers or merchandise are regularly monitored and checked. Checkpoints are usually manned by uniformed service personnel and generally serve two purposes:-

  • To prevent entrance of individuals who are either undesirable (e.g., criminals or others who pose threats) or are simply unauthorized to enter.
  • To prevent entrance of goods that is illegal or subject to restriction, or to collect tariffs.
The Madhya Pradesh State Government wanted to modernize and integrate its 24 Border Check Posts (IBCP) on the state and national highways with latest technology. The Madhya Pradesh Border Checkpost Development Company Limited (MPBCDCL) was assigned the responsibility of implementing this high-tech project and Elsamex has the contract for its smooth running and operations. The border check post operations commenced in the early 2013.

Earlier, Vehicles had to be stopped at multiple places, Vehicles/Goods were verified manually, all departments were working independently, there was a possibility of vehicles/goods going unchecked which led to revenue leakage and there was no proper enforcement of existing laws & acts of respective departments. Also, the existing infrastructure was very poor. The current process caters to one stop verification process of five departments operating together, verification of all the vehicles to increase revenue and Civil and IT infrastructure for ease of implementation of department’s processes. Currently we are operating 19 Check Posts and two Center Control Facilities in M.P. The check post projects have earned revenue of over one hundred crores still date.

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